Our tradition and our passion

The Maddalena restaurant was born in 1954, when Julius Simoncin with his wife( Julia) and his son (Beppino) decided to open a small inn with few but very nice guests rooms and a pleasant dining room overlooking the lagoon of Venice. From the beginning the place was immediately appreciated by the locals. Frequented by Venetians and by the fishermen who, after a laborious night in sea delighted to have breakfast with freshly fish. The marriage, in the ’70s, between Beppino and Raffaella became known to the place not only nationally but also internationally: several were artists, painters and writers, who lived in this place defined by one of them “Paradise between the bricoe “.

Our traditions and our tastes

Even today Beppino with Raffaella and son Marco continue undeterred to delight their guests with typical Venetian dishes of the past. A mission and a heritage handed down over time, make known and discover the traditions and tastes of the Venetians. And for that counts among its customers young and old Venetian, Venetian and Italian, from every country in the world.

In the heart of the Lagoon of Venice

The Maddalena restaurant, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, is open all year, with the flavors of typical Venetian specialties of fish, game and the first fruits of the season (artichokes). All dishes is accompanied by an extensive wine list and desserts all, strictly handmade The wonderfull stallage in front of the lagoon and the two spacious rooms, in Venetian style, make this restaurant the perfect place for ceremonies, events and special occasions (weddings, anniversaries, baptisms…)



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